Yet again!

Whitelines and absinthe have opened up another chance to edit some sick footage from their lastest creation 'RESONANCE'. Here's our edit for the comp, which if you didnt see or know i won last here THANKS too all you who voted for me to take the victory, let's hope this year's got the same amp!!

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2013 what's instore!

So the new year is upon us, and what a great start we've had already.While the country was engulfed in snow, most of us saw some white stuff, had afew days off work. Down here in sunny cornwall we had our own fun in the ways of only the swell of the year, pumping surf for 5-6 days(i lost count).

    Many of our spot did their thing and provided everyone with some fun.

So this month i've been!!

 landing some photos in a magazine, well not first as i got a little picture in carve a year or two ago, of Rob Bird @hilifesurfshop hanging five on a sunny september evening this was in the back in readers shots, this was my first.

But this is my first double pager, in carve magazine issue 137.

Last year i met Nathan who i asked to film him and shoot for fun and besides i enjoy filming a little bit more then surfing, you stiil get the stoke and see eveything from close up. Like looking down the line at the surfer coming towards you and the view we all dream of, looking out of the barrel but instead you get to look it watching them looking out. So last year Nathan called me was like "my friend glyn's coming down and we're gonna surf some crazy waves and do you fancy filming".

  Ofcourse i was frothing so i met Glyn, so they took me to some serious waves and i took afew videos and photos, i was invited along after that to get photos for them. And these are some of the photos i got while being out late winter with them in carve.









Check out the latest issue with the 'unknown soilders, unknown slabs in cornwall'








Undercover brothers, Nathan Carter and Glyn ovens.